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ColdFusion Eclipse and ColdFusion February 23, 2004

I know, it has been forever since I last posted, but this can't go ignored:

I finally took the plunge and downloaded Eclipse, and installed the cfeclipse plugin.

From what I've seen so far, the code highlighting and code completion is comprehensive. What I will miss (unless I just don't know something about how Eclipse and the plugin work) is context sensitive help. I loved being able to just click on a tag, hit F1, and be shown Macromedia's reference on the tag.

Right after installing the plugin, I tried editing an existing CFML file. Eclipse simply displayed "ERROR" in the code view of the file. When creating a new file within a project, the code highlighting worked just fine. I then created a new project, pointed its root folder to the root of the web application I'm currently working on, and it pulled each file into the new project, all editable.

I'm not sure if I'll like having to set up projects just to be able to edit code, but it's not such a bad thing to do from a best practices approach in the first place.

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ColdFusion CFCs != OOP December 22, 2003

Brian LeRoux makes an observation about ColdFusion CFCs that I think is important: CFCs in ColdFusion shouldn't be thought of as a way to make CFML 100% object oriented. As far as I know, Macromedia never intended CFCs to make CFML perfect OO. That's what the Java support is for. If you want to incorporate true OOP into your CFML apps, CFCs will make a poor substitute for Java classes.

But on the other hand, with CFCs, you can get really close to OOP, and because you're using CFCs in CFML, a langauge designed around the statelessness of the web, why bother pulling in a lot of the complexity of true OOP?

Brian uses the saying in his article "When all you have is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail." I don't think the saying works here. In fact, I don't think it supports any idea at all. Is Brian suggesting that ColdFusion is a hammer, or that CFCs are? Does he use the quote to suggest that because a lot of people like to use CFCs as if they're OOP that something bad is going to happen because of that? I don't get it.

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ColdFusion Thoughts on Fusebox

I gotta say, I'm a bit dissappointed in an article Kay Smoljak recently wrote for Macromedia's DevCenter talking about using the Fusebox framework to develop ColdFusion applications. While the document is short and sweet, it misses a lot of the good reasons to use Fusebox, and also leaves out some important technical details, like Exit FuseActions (XFAs). If I were a beginner considering using Fusebox, I'm not sure I'd be amped by the article.

I think what I'd like to do is pick apart Kay's article. I know, it's not entirely fair to Kay. I know the pressure of writing an article for Macromedia, and I can't ask that she write the perfect article, but I think some points of clarification could actually help support someone learning Fusebox. I'll try to go in order, quoting Kay, adding my own thoughts and probably end with some overly long summary about why I use it and like using it. Keep in mind that everything Kay talks about, as well as myself, is Fusebox 3.0 related. Fusebox 4.0 is getting off to a slow start, but Fusebox 3.0 is by far used on a much wider basis.

Continue reading "Thoughts on Fusebox"

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ColdFusion CFMX Query of Query Bug December 17, 2003

I found a bug in CFMX 6.1 this afternoon.

Apparently, when doing a Query of Query against a query created using the QueryNew() function, CFMX guesses what the datatype is for each column based on the data in the first row.

So if your Query of Queries sees an integer in the first column of the first row, and then sees a string in the first column of the second row, CFMX will throw an error that says it cannot convert the datatype to another datatype.

A quick work around is to add strings to the first row when using QueryNew(), then handling it later, but that really sucks.

Macromedia really needs to get on the ball with this one, because I use QueryNew() quite often, and I'm know I'm not alone.

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Breeze, Central, ColdFusion, Contribute, Director, Dreamweaver, Flash Arrived in SLC for MAX 2003 November 18, 2003

If you are at all interested in my experience at the Macromedia MAX 2003 Conference this year, you can read about it from the special page I will be updating at I will also be photo blogging along with other's at Community Vision (created by Christian Cantrell). If you see me at MAX please say "Hi", but don't ask me to eat cinnamon.

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ColdFusion CreateUUID and Clock Speed November 07, 2003

CreateUUID actually adds time to the clock on Windows boxes? Zoiks!

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ColdFusion CFSAVECONTENT & CFEXECUTE October 21, 2003

Figured out a quick and elegant way of capturing the results of a CFEXECUTE call. Simply wrap the CFEXECUTE with CFSAVECONTENT, like so:

<cfsavecontent variable="myVar">
   <cfexecute ...>

Normally, you'd have to save the results to a text file using CFEXECUTE, and then use CFFILE to read the results. A lot of overhead there. Without saving the text file, CFEXECUTE dumps the output to the screen, but there's no way of using that data unless it's in a variable, which is what CFSAVECONTENT does for you.

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ColdFusion Macromedia On Demand Seminars October 16, 2003

A while back (July) I got an email from Macromedia advertising "Live ColdFusion Online Seminars". Given my extremely effecient email habits, I just got around to reading it a couple of days ago. The "seminars" are presented via Macromedia Breeze and look terrific on a broadband connection. The On Demand Seminar Library is not too deep yet, but it has great potenial. The seminars are located here

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ColdFusion .NET CFX Tags October 07, 2003

Apparently Black Knight allows developers to write CFX tags for ColdFusion in any .NET language. Something like this, in theory, certainly helps extend ColdFusion a even more, but I have a few questions that I can't seem to answer about it:

Can I use the .NET CFX tags on my Linux ColdFusion server?
Why isn't the integration tighter. Sam at suggests that you can't access .NET assemblies directly, you need to write a new wrapper for each CFX tag (but isn't that the point of Black Knight?).

Maybe I'm slightly confused, but to me it seems a bit short of the mark. If you're going to make a bridge between two technologies, you need to make it pretty hassle free. Black Knight seems to require more fiddling with wrappers and such than it's worth. Anyone have experience with it?

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ColdFusion CFC Tips October 01, 2003

Rob gives us some great tips on how to design and use ColdFusion Components. I've learned some new things, and I thought I had it all figured out. Thanks Rob.

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