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ColdFusion CFCs != OOP December 22, 2003

Brian LeRoux makes an observation about ColdFusion CFCs that I think is important: CFCs in ColdFusion shouldn't be thought of as a way to make CFML 100% object oriented. As far as I know, Macromedia never intended CFCs to make CFML perfect OO. That's what the Java support is for. If you want to incorporate true OOP into your CFML apps, CFCs will make a poor substitute for Java classes.

But on the other hand, with CFCs, you can get really close to OOP, and because you're using CFCs in CFML, a langauge designed around the statelessness of the web, why bother pulling in a lot of the complexity of true OOP?

Brian uses the saying in his article "When all you have is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail." I don't think the saying works here. In fact, I don't think it supports any idea at all. Is Brian suggesting that ColdFusion is a hammer, or that CFCs are? Does he use the quote to suggest that because a lot of people like to use CFCs as if they're OOP that something bad is going to happen because of that? I don't get it.

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Roger Benningfield:

Michael: Seems to me that he's simply saying that CF developers have a sexy new tool in CFCs, and the temptation is to try and leverage that tool in situations where another would do a better job.

» by Roger Benningfield at Dec 22, 2003 8:45:52 PM
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