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ColdFusion .NET CFX Tags October 07, 2003

Apparently Black Knight allows developers to write CFX tags for ColdFusion in any .NET language. Something like this, in theory, certainly helps extend ColdFusion a even more, but I have a few questions that I can't seem to answer about it:

Can I use the .NET CFX tags on my Linux ColdFusion server?
Why isn't the integration tighter. Sam at suggests that you can't access .NET assemblies directly, you need to write a new wrapper for each CFX tag (but isn't that the point of Black Knight?).

Maybe I'm slightly confused, but to me it seems a bit short of the mark. If you're going to make a bridge between two technologies, you need to make it pretty hassle free. Black Knight seems to require more fiddling with wrappers and such than it's worth. Anyone have experience with it?

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Matt Liotta:

I would suggest you give the 30-day evaluation of Black Knight a try to see just how easy it is to create a CFX tag in .NET. There is no need to create wrappers; just implement the CFX API provided by Black Knight using a .NET class. In fact, Black Knight specifically allows you to avoid creating COM wrappers for your .NET classes. After you have given it a try, if you still find it misses the mark let me know how so and I promise to address your compliants.

In regard to Linux, there is currently no mature .NET implementation available for Linux. When there is we will look into supporting Linux. You should know however that Montara employees are members of the Mono community, we host the US CVS mirror for Mono, and I co-authored the first article comparing all the various implementations of .NET. In short, Montara is committed to seeing .NET on Linux.

» by Matt Liotta at Oct 7, 2003 5:40:04 PM
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