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ColdFusion CFSAVECONTENT & CFEXECUTE October 21, 2003

Figured out a quick and elegant way of capturing the results of a CFEXECUTE call. Simply wrap the CFEXECUTE with CFSAVECONTENT, like so:

<cfsavecontent variable="myVar">
   <cfexecute ...>

Normally, you'd have to save the results to a text file using CFEXECUTE, and then use CFFILE to read the results. A lot of overhead there. Without saving the text file, CFEXECUTE dumps the output to the screen, but there's no way of using that data unless it's in a variable, which is what CFSAVECONTENT does for you.

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ColdFusion Macromedia On Demand Seminars October 16, 2003

A while back (July) I got an email from Macromedia advertising "Live ColdFusion Online Seminars". Given my extremely effecient email habits, I just got around to reading it a couple of days ago. The "seminars" are presented via Macromedia Breeze and look terrific on a broadband connection. The On Demand Seminar Library is not too deep yet, but it has great potenial. The seminars are located here

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Central Central SDK Beta Available

The Central SDK Public Beta is finally available. Download it here. Central requires Flash MX or Flash 2004. It also requires the Macromedia Extension Manager which is available for download here.


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Web/Tech Halo? October 13, 2003

Found this weird bit on about something they're calling Halo:

"Inspired by the properties of light, Halo components feature a glowing ring (halo) that attracts the eye and encourages interaction (the amount of glow represents that particular control's "desire" for interaction). We think it will make the digital world a brighter, friendlier placeā€”and, as always, we expect our users to take it even further."

That sounds like a kooky way of saying "we have interface bits that change colors when you hover over them". Not all that new and exciting or original like they make it sound.

Anyhow, the topic is of little importance, just felt like I couldn't get by without mentioning it.

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Web/Tech Firdamatic October 07, 2003

Want to make two or three column website templates without tables, and without having to do the work? Let Firdamatic generate the CSS for you.

Incidentally, for a long time I was a huge proponent of tableless designs, using pure CSS to get the job of displaying everything in a nice columnar format. I thought it was the way of the future, the Right Thing to Do, and was good for accesibility and all that junk.

Today, I'm just tired of it. Using table tags is just so much easier, and I've since just decided to not be bothered. I spent more time tweaking CSS and strange browser quirks than I did creating a useful web application. My new rule: if it's in the W3C spec, I'll use it, despite what all the CSS fanatics suggest.

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ColdFusion .NET CFX Tags

Apparently Black Knight allows developers to write CFX tags for ColdFusion in any .NET language. Something like this, in theory, certainly helps extend ColdFusion a even more, but I have a few questions that I can't seem to answer about it:

Can I use the .NET CFX tags on my Linux ColdFusion server?
Why isn't the integration tighter. Sam at suggests that you can't access .NET assemblies directly, you need to write a new wrapper for each CFX tag (but isn't that the point of Black Knight?).

Maybe I'm slightly confused, but to me it seems a bit short of the mark. If you're going to make a bridge between two technologies, you need to make it pretty hassle free. Black Knight seems to require more fiddling with wrappers and such than it's worth. Anyone have experience with it?

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Central New Version of Movie Finder Available

There is a new version (0.2) of the Movie Finder Application available for Central. I was prompted to update the application upon launching Central this evening. It was a good opportunity to experience Central's update feature. It only required one button click to install. The only thing that acted oddly was the console. When the update was done the console had two copies of the Movie Finder pod running. Upon restarting Central the console came up with no pods loaded and required the application (at this point there are only two) to be reselected. While this is a little annoying now, it will be painful when your console contains lots of applications.

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ColdFusion CFC Tips October 01, 2003

Rob gives us some great tips on how to design and use ColdFusion Components. I've learned some new things, and I thought I had it all figured out. Thanks Rob.

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