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ColdFusion CFSAVECONTENT & CFEXECUTE October 21, 2003

Figured out a quick and elegant way of capturing the results of a CFEXECUTE call. Simply wrap the CFEXECUTE with CFSAVECONTENT, like so:

<cfsavecontent variable="myVar">
   <cfexecute ...>

Normally, you'd have to save the results to a text file using CFEXECUTE, and then use CFFILE to read the results. A lot of overhead there. Without saving the text file, CFEXECUTE dumps the output to the screen, but there's no way of using that data unless it's in a variable, which is what CFSAVECONTENT does for you.

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Rob Brooks-Bilson:

In MX 6.1, there's a new VARIABLE attribute in CFEXECUTE that allows you to save the output of the call directly to a variable.

» by Rob Brooks-Bilson at Oct 21, 2003 12:25:39 PM
Steven Erat:

There's a "variable" attribute of cfexecute to hold program output. See:

» by Steven Erat at Dec 17, 2003 9:08:33 PM
Madeleine McJones:

How about passing stdin not command line information to an executable?

» by Madeleine McJones at Jan 31, 2004 1:54:11 PM
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